Chiropractic is a safe treatment option for babies and children. The treatment techniques used for babies are obviously different compared to the ones used with adults. Paediatric chiropractic is very gentle and with the youngest babies we only use our fingertips. Babies and children usually respond to the treatment quickly and no not require many treatment sessions. Parents usually report that their baby sleeps better, tummy functions better and that irritability is gone.

Birth process may be traumatic for both the mother and the baby. For example caesarean section, forceps use in labour may cause stress in the baby’s upper neck. Also the position in the abdomen or baby’s size may cause stress to the baby’s spine and nervous system.

The dysfunction in the spine may cause symptoms like irritability, colic, feeding problems, tummy troubles, or the baby might not be comfortable in certain positions like lying on their back. Later on these spinal dysfunctions may affect the child’s growth and development.