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First appointment
Includes interview, physical tests, treatment plan and first treatment
Follow up appointment
Includes the treatment and possible rehabilitation and self-management advice

Payment: card/cash, E-passi

Students (with student card): -10€


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Chiropractic treatment is a manual therapy which consists of different joint manipulation or mobilisation techniques as well as soft tissue techniques.

Chiropractor palpates the joints in the spine and delivers a specific thrust in the segment which is not moving correctly this restores the correct motion and enables the surrounding muscles and nerves to function normally. The crack or pop sound which you may hear during the adjustment is a gas bubble released from the joint. The power and technique used is always modified depending on the patient.

In addition to the joint manipulations/mobilisations I use different soft tissue techniques such as trigger point and fascia therapy, kinesio taping and stretching techniques (PIR,MET). I also give individual advice to my patients on how to self-manage their problem and prevent re-occurrence.